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How talkthrough workshops can help?

TalkThrough Workshops exist to offer practical training that will equip you to look after yourself and meet the needs of the young people you support. 

TalkThrough Workshops have been delivered to hundreds of youth workers across the UK and the content has been developed through many years experience and contributions from people on the frontline of youth ministry, parenting and mental health.  

TalkThrough workshops offer a blend of presentations, discussions and group work. Time is also given for you to reflect on your own experiences and practice.

Our Workshops are also designed to be flexible and benefit you by:

  • being up to date and relevant

  • being tailored to suit any specific needs or requirements you may have

  • being available for delivery within your own organisation and to your team

  • being available for you to attend any event advertised near you

  • being able to offer free places to any organisation wanting to host a workshop in your area

So whether you're a volunteer or salaried youth worker, a parent or someone who wants to learn more why not request a workshop for your team, offer to host an event or attend one of our training workshops on offer and you'll be equipped to support young people who right now need your support. 



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