"Go to the Land I will show you" Gen 12: 1

How talk through began


Many years ago God laid a vision on my heart that no young person should cry themselves to sleep at night  because they have no one to talk to. This vision birthed the charity Teens in Crisis in 1993 (now known as TICplus).

Part of the vision God laid on my heart back in the early 1990s focused on the need to provide a national pastoral support / counselling service for young people connected to the church. In September 2016 I began conversations nationally about improving mental health care for young people in this area.

Talk Through mainly seeks to improve mental health and pastoral care for young people connected to the church as this is where my most recent experience and practice has taken place. In seeking to provide this service I am keen to ensure that the church seeks to support all young people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity or disability.

"I think it is a tragedy that all over the UK thousands of young people find themselves alone with the pain that poor mental health and crisis can bring. The church is one of the largest providers of youth work in the UK and right now somewhere a young person close to you needs your help.

I believe God wants to bring love, healing and wholeness to young people and that the church is ideally placed to offer some of the care that is needed. I have created Talk Through as a resource to equip youth workers in the church to provide the best pastoral support and youth ministry they can to support the young people they know as well as those in the wider community that they may not yet know.

I also hope that Talk Through will play a part in the development of counselling and supports service for young people connected to the church over the coming years.

When young people experience pain it can damage them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Where young people do have a faith poor mental health can have a severe impact on their beliefs about God and about themselves. I have witnessed many Christian young people struggle with life and in turn seen them walk away from faith because of the pain they experience. Yet faith and the church can also offer young people positive support ".

Talk Through offers youth workers, churches and parents the opportunity to support young people and see them grow into healthy resilient adults and live life in all its fullness.