The ESSENTIAL Guide to Mental Health & Wellbeing in young people

3 Separate work shops or a full day course

+ an Option for an extended 2 day course

 1 in 8 young people in the UK have a diagnosed Mental health problem and often they are struggling to get the help they need.

 If you are interested in knowing more about young peoples mental health, how you can support them and what steps to take to get them additional support then this workshop is perfect for you.  

The Essential Guide to Mental Health and Well-being is our main comprehensive course that combines content from our youth workers guide and parents guide courses plus some additional material. This course is suitable for anyone who wants to know more about the subject and how to support young people. It is ideal for paid and volunteer youth workers, church leaders, parents, chaplains, pastoral workers and teachers.

The full course takes in all three of the short mental health courses found in all our mental health workshops.

Engaging with Mental Health

Empowered to Care Effectively

Equipped to Support in Crisis

The extended two day course is designed for those who would like to go deeper into the subjects covered and reflect in more detail on your practice.


FULL ESSENTIAL Course Information


Workshop 1 Engaging with Young Peoples Mental Health

2/3rd of all adult mental health problems are established before the age of 14. To engage with this ever increasing and complex issue we need to understand Mental Health Issues in Young People; the causes and the impact upon on them.  

This workshop explores: What is the current landscape regarding Mental health in young people? The challenge of getting support. What do we mean by Mental Health? The impact of Stigma, values and misunderstanding. Is it OK to not be OK? Sending out the right message. What are the issues and problems young people are experiencing? How are young people effected by the problems they face? Understanding Crisis. What are the causes of poor mental health? How does adolescent development impact young people and how do we support them during this transition? The impact of social media on well-being.


Workshop 2 Empowered to Create Frameworks of Care

No matter what role you play in supporting young people the impact you can have in offering support may be more significant than you think. It is essential to explore how we can provide appropriate care to young people and understand what can get in the way of them seeking help and what can help them to move forward.

This workshop explores: The significance of youth work in mental health care? What the Bible has to say about mental health and how this impacts our pastoral care? How Faith can be both helpful and unhelpful. The role of prayer. When the values of faith clash with the experiences or issues for the young person. Understanding Resilience and ways we can support good mental health. Understanding the role significant adults can play in supporting young people. Barriers to obtaining support. Raising Awareness. The Importance of Talking and Talking about what matters. Questions Young People are asking. Fears we have around offering support.


Workshop 3 Equipped to Support in Crisis

Do you know when a young persons mental health issues have moved beyond what is part of day to day life? Would you know what to do when a young person hits crisis point?

This workshop explores: Confidentiality. Supervision. What to do and what not to do when young people hit crisis point? Listening and Empathy. Developing strategies and techniques that support solutions. How to challenge Negative Thinking. How to identify when a young person is struggling beyond normal day to day experiences? Knowing when you may to need to get additional help for a young person. Dealing with Anxiety, Self Harm, Depression and Suicide. Making a referral. Where can you go to get external and additional help? How we can prepare young people to accept and engage with intervention. Preparing a young person for an appointment. What to expect when you make a referral. What happens if you cannot get any support in place.