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Whether you’re a full-time, part time or a volunteer youth worker, an old hand at youth work or new to it then our Talk Through retreats are for you.

(Even if you are not a youth worker you are welcome to attend our retreats) 


We know that being a youth worker is an incredible privilege but it can also be challenging at times. You spend your year supporting young people and others yet can neglect to take care of you. 

At Talk Through we believe that by offering support for your wellbeing and resilience as a youth worker means you are better resourced to work with young people.

Talk Through Retreats give you the opportunity to explore

-          your relationship with God.

-          your relationships with those around you.

-          your own wellbeing.

-          your present calling, future calling and ministry.   

Talk Through Retreats will offer you space to rest and relax, engage with God, chat with other youth workers and the retreat team. There will be a good mix of teaching, worship and time alone. There will also be plenty of refreshments on hand.

So whether you need to recharge, find some encouragement, think through some issues or just fancy taking a break then a Talk Through Retreat could be good for you.   

Talk Through offers a range of day or residential retreat options. Join us at one of our advertised retreats on the events page when they happen or talk to us about hosting one in your area. 


Take time to recharge, find encouragement, think through issues and take a break.

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