TalkThrough does’t provide counselling services to young people However the following organisations are places that CAN EQUIP YOU TO help the young person / people you know.


If you are looking for services in your area a good start is to simply to carry out an online search with a key phrase like: “Mental Health or counselling support / for young people in ….(insert your county)” this will often bring up details of services in your area. Don’t forget to check of services in other counties if the young person lives close to a different area. You can also search generally by topic I.E Bereavement support for young people. There are many charities that work around specific issues and have national helplines or details of local support groups / charities across the UK.


One of the leading charities in the UK on information around Mental Health issues in Young People. Lots of information and support for young people and parents on specific mental health issues / problems as well as practical suggestions you can take to support yourself and others. You will also find useful information on how to seek support help from your GP. Young minds also offer a text help service for young people and helpline for parents. Youth Workers, Teachers and other professionals will also find the content really helpful.



CAMHS is used as a term for all services that work with children and young people who have difficulties with their wellbeing. In some areas the service is called something different. However if you search the term on the web, adding your county or health authority area you will find out details about your local service and how to access it. Most CAMHS are accessed via your GP but some off offer helplines and details of there and other services in each location. An introduction can be found here.



Useful website offering guidance, information and links to services. If you scroll to the end of the page on this link there are links to a number of organisations that offer help.



Charity that specialises in supporting young people who are suicidal. Lots of useful information and support as well as a helpline.



Source of information around mental health with lots for adults and young people alike.


The aim of HappyMaps is to signpost parents to existing resources on mental health for their families across the South-West of England


The Christian based charity offers resources for young people, youth workers and churches on wellbeing. Check out their new HeadStrong wellbeing journal available in their store, brilliant for young people. Youth workers will find the various resources around wellbeing helpful. They are also the home for Self

Anxiety uk

Charity offering some resources for young people on anxiety but also lots of support for adults and families, links to support etc.