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Talk Through Mentoring is geared at those who have the lead responsibility for youth ministry in your church. 

Leading a youth ministry can be full of highs and lows, successes and challenges. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to do and who to talk to. There are numerous relationships you have to maintain with young people, parents, team members and church leadership teams. Then there is your own personal direction, wellbeing and relationship with God.    

At times it can be really useful to talk to someone outside of your own context. Mentoring can help you to gain insight in to issues you face, and give you a sounding board for ideas you have. It can help you find the best course of action to take in a given situation and help you to work more effectively. Mentoring helps to develop your knowledge and skills offering you direction on where to go for the resources you may need and put you in touch with others who may be of help to you.

Mentoring provides a safe space for you to review your work, your relationship with God, your own wellbeing and personal direction.

Who will be my mentor?

Talk Through Mentoring is offered by Nathan Jones (see bio) who has 24 years of youth work and leadership experience. Over the next year additional mentors will be added to the team. 


You can choose to meet from three times a year (termly) to as often as once a month depending on your needs. Each mentoring session can last from 1-3 hours depending again on your needs and how often we meet. I.E if we meet once a term you may want to set aside a longer session. There is also no fixed commitment so you can stop at anytime.    


Various day and evening times Monday – Friday. 


The Talk Through Mentoring programme can be delivered from various locations across Gloucestershire and South Herefordshire or delivered at location closer to you. Please contact us for a discussion.


1 Hour single session £35.00 - 2 Hour single session £60.00 - 3 Hour single session £80.00

These prices are based at choosing a location within 30 minutes of Ross on Wye. Other locations will incur additional travelling and time costs please contact us for information. 

How Can I know it will be for me and how to enquire?

Nathan offers an initial free telephone consultation to anyone interested and there is no long term commitment or upfront fees.  

To enquire just email Nathan and we can take it from there.  

Become a Mentor?

If you are currently an experienced youth worker / pastor and would be willing to offer time to mentor someone then please get in touch with Nathan.