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 TalkThrough Consultancy supports churches and organisations with the opportunity to establish, develop and grow their work with young people.

This can include:

  • Developing new resources to support young people.

  • Developing a pastoral care system.

  • Starting a Youth Work from scratch.

  • Growing an existing youth work.

  • Appointing a salaried youth worker.

  • Developing volunteer teams.

  • Reviewing existing provision.

  • Developing training for teams.

  • Accessing appropriate resources.

  • Practicalities around delivering youth work.

  • Supporting through transitions.

TalkThrough Consultancy isn’t designed to tell you what to do but rather exists to listen and facilitate the steps that could be taken to support the movement from where you are to where you want to be.

Currently TalkThrough Consultancy has worked alongside two Anglican Diocese in the development of their youth work, two charities in the development of their resources for young people and a couple of individual churches.

If you would like to explore how consultancy could work for you then why not give TalkThrough a call or email us and we can discuss for free how TalkThrough may be able to help you.

Consultancy costs once engaged costs £25 per hour plus travel costs.